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The Bench Mission:
To duplicate the look of this sample wood and make a matching bench for a table from "ARHAUS".

The Finished Product. 

Chevron Table

Outdoor living space with metal roof on top of existing deck

Fireplace Makeovers

Cardinal Health Medical Supply Building Detroit MI. 
100+ year old reclaimed wood from all over Michigan and Detroit

Custom Built Conference Room Table 
for CROWD RISE made exclusively from Michigan Barnwood, 12' x 4'.

Fun Fact: It took 4 men to move this thing.

Reclaimed barn wood bar, backbar & feature wall.

This wall... later became an additional space with this enormous door!

Front of doors

Backside of doors. 

Moveable Partition Walls

The beloved Pizza Oven

Best thing I've ever made.

It is an extensive process! There are so many steps, and a lot of time waiting for things to set + dry. 


Fridge,BBQ and recycled cedar fence

Aqua penny tile

Barn Door

Custom Outdoor Seating + Privacy

Basement Bar

Rolling Counter

Accent wall

TV Stand

Small Kitchen Island

Stove Hood

Built-In shelving and cabinets

Vintage display case, now a cash wrap in retail store in Birmingham, MI.

Old filing cabinet, now a rolling bar.

Art Installations I've done. (not my art)

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